Website Design

It is well known sites have become virtual managers and your representatives that work for you, the site is your face on the internet and offer your services or implement them. Therefore, when ordering a website is very important to fill in the Brief for the site development. And also very important to understand what features your site need to set your goals, such as the sale of goods.

Our company has been creating websites for specific tasks based on your characteristics, features of the market, audience and needs. With years of experience of our experts, we can create a website of any complexity, from simple websites that are easy business card and unable to attract the customer (due to its limitations), to complex portals and services.
Each site is created with a soul, thoughtful and individually.

What you get

Key benefits when ordering site.

Easy management

All of our sites have a very convenient and intuitive operation interface. The principle of operation is no more difficult than in the "Finder" (OS x) or "Explorer" (Windows). In addition to the internal interface (back end), they have an external operation interface (front end). What enables a person without any knowledge to work in our management system.

Site Management

Search Engine Optimization

search engines

We have created a site on the default receive search engine optimization (basic version), allowing you to select a site for the low-frequency queries in such a sistamah: Yandex, Google, Mail, Bing.
* Subject to all our demands!

Business Automation

All the customers are able to receive Bespltano with our CRM system for 6 months without any restrictions. Monitor your employees see how productive a particular employee, viewing mail all staff briefings, meetings, phone calls, etc ...
* Specify the conditions for obtaining a license from your manager.

Automating business

Development Transparency

In the development of the project we provide a demo site to view the entire website development process.

Stages of creation

Бриф на создание сайта

При заполнении формы будьте очень внимательны, так как каждый пункт влияет на скорость и стоимость исполнения работ.