Website promotion (SEO)

In order to promote websites on the Internet carried out correctly, we pay attention to every detail. For each site, there are tailor-made solutions and methods of its promotion.

How do we work

Internal optimization

  • Comprehensive audit promoted a web-site and its competitors on the Internet.
  • Collect targeted searches to optimize and promote your site (semantic core).
  • Evaluation of competition search phrases, estimating the timing and value of their display in the top 10.
  • Write text, selection of content and optimize it for the selected key words.
  • Optimize titles, meta tags, images on a promoted (and not only) pages of the site.
  • Check and eliminate internal errors Web resource, preventing his promotion.
  • Configure special files (robots, sitemap), add their data to the search engines for better indexing and visibility of pages.
  • Evaluation and correction (if necessary) of the structure, the internal layout.
  • Customize the internal link structure of a web-site, depending on the importance of the promoted pages (relinking).
  • Evaluation of site speed and errors that prevent its rapid work.
  • Usability (ease of use) audit resource and measures to improve it.
  • Adding special metric counters to the site for the future analysis of its quality and performance kollichestvennyh.

External optimization.

  • Evaluation of the reference profile of the site.
  • Create a strategy set quality reference weight from authoritative resources.
  • Improved indexing pages promoted through social signals.
  • Placing articles on tematichnyh sites, to increase the credibility of the site.
  • Improved external and internal behavioral factors that help site promotion in search engines.

Analytics site and updating.

  • Analysis of the positions promoted by key phrases.
  • An analysis of traffic on search phrases.
  • Analysis of the conversion, and failure behavior of visitors to the site.
  • Adjustments and changes that improve the conversion of the search traffic.
  • Permanent evaluation, adjustment and improvement of the achieved results.